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Did youz miss mez??

Iz been staying on FB... Iz had a gweat Howliday did youz?

Iz gowt dis yummy new bone tew...

Abter a wittle TV Iz going to get under da cobers and get some rest...

Owive juss wears me owt.... good night....gotta get some Bully rest

Hab a gweat day....after awl its FWIDAY!
XOXOXOXOX Hot Lips da Bully Goddess..teehheeeee


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Of course!

You look so pretty in your Christmas finery, Polly! Glad to see you got some nice gifties - and some rest from that sister of yours!

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All ways miss you Polly...good to see pictures again.

Such a pretty girl...


Ashley, Baron and Duchess

Vancouver, Canada

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We always miss you sweet girl!

Glad to see you again! Such a love that Polly girl is:-)


Amy and Sophia