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Cute Bulldog Pajamas for Kids and Adults

Old Navy has cute bulldog pajamas for little boys (6 mos. to 5T).  You can also buy matching bulldog slippers for $8.  Link to pajamas:

Kohls has nice bulldog sleep pants for men.  I ordered a pair for myself and a pair for Seth:


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Love the lounge pants but Kohls doesn't ship to Canada :(



Ashley, Baron and Duchess

Vancouver, Canada

Those are awesome. Keep your receipt to get a price adjustment.

Most of the stores I shop at most frequently have a price adjustment policy. It's a great way to save a lot of money.


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in stores

they have been in the stores for a few months.  I got a pair back in Sept.



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I got the Kohls ones the other night...they are so comfy!!


get outta town

I am gettin those pjs from kohls asap :) Thanks for the heads up.

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i have the ones from kohls!

they are so comfy and i got them on black friday last year for 5 bucks!!

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Thank you for this info!!!!!!! TOOO ador-a-BULL!! (nm)



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