crate problems?

hey guys I know I havent been on here much since I picked up my pups... but I thought I would take this time to ask a question and share some pictures... First my pups are "house" trained, butttt my little girl Vanna has been going #1 in her crate more frequently... I tried putting her divider back in and not giving her a lot of room, but she whines ALL night and wont lay down to go to sleep. so I opened it up a little more. Question is are there any tricks I can do to maybe help this? I take away water around 7... and they dont drink that much throughout the day. I take them out all the time. Liam my boy never goes in his crate so Im not sure if she is comfortable with it or what. They are 6 months old now as of yesterday. other than that they are normal pups... chasing things, playing, eating sticks, and ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS wanting to meet other people walking by espesially other dogs haha. here are some pictures. 

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Is this a new thing for her!

Has she had other accidents?  You might want to consider having her checked for a urinary tract infection (UTI).  My girl was prone to them - they can be fixed easy enough with antibiotics.



i think its kind of on and

i think its kind of on and off... she will go a few weeks without doing it then she will do it a few times in a row or in a week.

crate issues

Sometimes a dog will "mark" his/her blanket/bed in their crate.  I have a female that will not potty in her crate, unless I put a blanket/towel in there..  I don't think a dog should ever be subject to a "smaller area" thinking they won't potty... if they have to go, they will, then you have to give them a bath... sometimes they just can't hold it and to punish them by giving them a tiny area to lay in for hours, to me, is not right.  Take water away about 3 hours before bedtime... take out right before bedtime and hopefully that will help.    Does she have a bed or blanket in there?


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Have you washed the bedding in the same detergent each time?

Maybe sometimes she can still smell it on the bedding so she goes?  I actually had issues with my girl peeing in the crate.  She would even go in there specifically to pee as if it were a wee wee pad. Once it happened several times, it was a hard habit to break even after sticking to a strict schedule of going outside, taking away water a few hours before bedtime, etc. I gated her off in an area instead of using the crate and she rarely had an accident after that. I think she just associated the crate with the place to go! By the way, your two are soooo cute!! Love the pics! 


Thanks. They are pretty cute!

Thanks. They are pretty cute! Yes I have washed and cleaned the crate each time it has happened. I'll keep working with her. I think she may grow out of it. Or maybe she just doesn't have full bladder control yet. 

It was not a small area by

It was not a small area by any means. I just took away a few inches. I always watch their water intake and always take them to bathroom 2 times before bedtime. She always have some sort of blanket or towel in there with her. The last few nights she has been good. 


well after a few days of no accidents in her crate she did it again.... the last time she really drank was around 5:30/ 6ish when they ate and i took them out many times between then and bed time which i think i put them in crates at 11pm. I took her out at 545/6am when she cried a bit and she went then. then again at 7:30 when we woke up.... am I doing something wrong... how should I clean her crate so maybe she doesnt smell it anymore... I always change her bedding and wash it... I just dont want her to be going in her crate and sleeping with it... makes me upset. I mean I would let her out in the middle of the night if she let me know but she doesnt. any suggestions... I dont think it is a UTI because she doesnt go frequently throughout the day...