Should luxating patellas be included in a breeders contract? Looking for opinions on this.



I have a eight month old with serve hip dysphasia and the breeder won't stand behind that so if you can get it,for sure 


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i think they should as well

i think they should as well as anything else that needs to be disclosed,it is a purchase

afterall from a breeder and at your discretion if you still want acquire or not...

sorry not to sound dispassionate about the gorgeous bully breed...beautiful baby btw

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NO ... Luxating Patellas will most likely NOT be included in a breeders contract.   Typically you will not see this until later in life unless it is a very severe case, IMO.  A breeder has no control over how the dog has been taken care of once it leaves their home.  Is it severaly overweight, has it had proper nutrition, was it dropped or injured as a puppy, has it had inadequate exercise, was it crated to much? 

If this is a puppy you are considering buying I would at the minimum make sure you are buying from a breeder that has at least had CHIC done on the bitch and that the stud dog is also CHIC.  And additional health testing would be great.   If it's an older dog I would get more then 1 opinion from a vet before you even consider surgery.  While health testing doesn't give you a guarantee it is helpful to know what breeders are taking health as a serious issue when breeding.  I doubt you will find puppy millers and BYB having health testing done.

I had a bitch that my vet diagnosed with a grade 3 luxating patella at around 2 years.  I opted not to do surgery.  A year later on a regular checkup I had him check her knees and he said that knee felt great.  Go figure!  She is 7 now and doing well, no problems with that knee over the years.


I agree whole heartedly with your comments. Now I will tell why I asked the question. I am the breeder of the dog in question. The parents of the dogs were tested as were their parents and so on. I can go back 7 generations and have never seen a luxating patella in this line. The dog in my picture below is the father of this 7 month old pup. The owner contacted me and said the dog was suddenly lame on both back legs, just went through a growing spurt and took him to the vet. The vet told her he was "worse than a grade 4". Red flag there, no such thing as "worse than a grade 4. She is out of money, can't pay for the surgery, asked me for $4000 dollars and hinted to the fact they would have to look at euthanizing if he got worse. hmmmmm. I called a bone surgeon today, (I work in a Veterinary Hospital) and talked to him about the situation. His words were I quote "I don't believe that diagnosis". No way would a dog that age just pop up with that and not have symptoms prior. He said I would have definitely noticed it when he was a puppy. So, In my opinion, this owner is just trying to get money out of me with no proof. She refuses to bring the dog up to me, a 2 1/2 hour drive, so my vet can take a look at him. I cover a lot of things in my contract but this is not one of them. I also state in my contract if I find you cannot adequetly care for the dog I can confenscate it. I plan on doing just that.