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Congsted Gurggly Puppy

Almost seems like he over salivates when excited or hungry? But to te point where he'll cough, and have a runny nose.

I have a 14-15 week old male pup who gets congested, gurggly when he eats, or is tired... and when he drinks water. Initial vet visit said he was fine, just typical bulldog stuff - but my first bulldog never had, and does not have anything like this.

Anyone ever experience this, is is something they out grow?

Anyone??? :) ?? :)

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I would say it sounds more like an upper respiratory infection..

Is he playful, eating, drinking, pooping, peeing, etc?  

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Acting completely fine

Playing, EATING, everything.. just when he eats, or chews on a bone, anything do do with eating, it is like he over salivates.. same when he's tired? we have another routine vet visit tomorrow - so we'll see


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Did the vet listen to his lungs and did they sound clear? What about his heart?

He should not be gurgley, and no it should not be common with the breed, as your vet is saying. Unfortunately that is what the vets see (the unhealthy ones). Healthy conformed to the standard bulldog puppies bred by reputable breeders will not be all gurgley. I would hope they are not using bad breathers in their breeding program.

Where did you get the puppy? Is it the same breeder as your other bulldog?

I would closely monitor him. He could have a slight pnuemonia starting. If he has a narrow trach he could have aspirated some or he could be having palette issues. Although these are not normal issues on a young puppy. I know puppies who have passed at a young age from these exact issues.

I would also consider having a trach xray done, just to rule out a narrowing. If he has a trach problem it is important to know so you know his limitations with his activity levels as well as heat.

Let's hope it is none of these, but it's not something to just say ..... Oh its common with bulldogs.

I've never had 1 in 16 years that was all gurgley at 14 weeks, even the 2 that needed palette surgery after they were a year old.

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Oh , should also consider allergies

Did he have a change in environment when you got him? Temperature changes, etc. And is your home a smoke free environment? Lots of things to consider.

I know for 2 years I was so sick with colds & allergies after I moved from eastern wa to western wa. Dr. said it all had to do with the climate change from dry to damp.

Also don't rule out Parvo.

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Thank you!

The strange part is it is only when he eats, or has a bone or wants to have his sister's bone.

I will run these by the vet tomorrow- - Thanks

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Maybe he is just working himself

up and having a little anxiety, which is causing salivation which can get frothy and make him gurgly.

But definitely rule out anything medical first.

Try some lemon...

I have the same thing going on with my puppy.. She is 4 months old. When I first got her I took her and my other bulldog pup to the vet together, well they picked something up there and both got real sick. Hers turned into pneumonia. Took a month for it to clear up –her breathing sounds a little funny. The vet thinks she just needs to do some growing – her trachea is slightly smaller than it should be… Try giving your dog a piece of lemon to play with… it breaks up the mucus in the throat. OR just squirt some lemon juice (right into his mouth)…
Good Luck!!!