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Commercial featuring a Bulldog -- Very Cute

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Hahahaha...what a

Hahahaha...what a cutiepatootie!!!

there's also a tide commercial w/drew brees

from new orleans saints,w/his wife n son...

they have a bulldog in it as well...he too is a cutie!

really cute..............

love that bulldog!


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



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That was too cute!

Thanks for sharing that, it was fun!


Amy and Sophia

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This is soooo cute

I am permitted on occasion to take Emma to work with me. However the only thing she does it visits my co-workers at their desk looking for a treat. If they have none, then it's back to my office for a nap. lol

I have sent the link to my co-workers as I know they will get a laugh out of it.

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Isn't that the truth ... No treats

they are outta there. :)

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I'm trying to figure out the product, but I'm too focused on...

I'm too focused on the funny bulldog.

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I have no idea what the products is ... LOL!

and I've watched it several times. I think it is for Verizon business phone maybe?

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Mack 'n' Tillie Mae Mack



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LOVE!!! Thanks for sharing!! My hubbs and I will probably

watch it a million times!!!  :)  Oh, and of COURSE it's going on my facebook! :-)


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lmao, that was a realy great commercial, can't stop laughing

that would be Penelope if I worked in an office an took her to


Cory & Penelope