Coconut Oil

I just started adding this to my girls kibble. Does anyone else use it?

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It's has many good benefits

and yes there are others that supplement with it. I have not started using it, but may at some point.

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I use it

I feed it to my dog with her raw meat and I rub it on her nose to keep it from gettign crusty. I alo rub it on her tear stains, and if I am diligent about doing that daily, it does seem to lighten them after a few weeks. 


Cathy and Audrey  


I use it in their rope (good for yeast)... My one bully had mites and I use that along with neem oil and put it on his stop (works great)... I rub in on their nose for cracks and dryness.... I use it on myself after my shower and they are always licking my legs when I get out... I have not added it to their food yet, but I hear it's great!!! I keep a big tub of it in my kitchen and a big tub in my bathroom!!!