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Cherry Eye Surgery Cost?

Hey everyone, Im sure this topic has been talked about numorous amounts of times, but just thought I would touch upon it again.... Our bully Ernie is 4 months old and has developed a Cherry Eye in one of his eyes. I know the majority of bully owners on this site are from the U.S(we live in Canada). but I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how much the surgery costs to have this fixed? I am mainly looking for a ballpark figure so when we look around to have it done we have something to compare the price to. Any help would be great!!


P.S. - we have tried to massage it back into place, but have had no luck doing so :(





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well let's see

first off wherever you go make sure they are bullie vet...I wouldnt trust any other vet to perform surgery on my Rocco especially because it is very risky to put bulldogs under...but as far as price I hear it is fairly inexpensive...I have not got cherry eye surgery but Rocco did get enthtopian surgey on both his eyes and my vet only charged 200 dollars...but I def recommend finding a bulldog specific vet, no price is too much for my boy


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I am from Canada

and I took my girl to a specialist to have it done, that was 3 years ago and it cost me 1,900.00 and worth every penny of it, If you can please have the surgery done by a vet that specialises in this, and knows about bulldogs, I have never had any isues withher eye, oh yeah , this was the second time it had been done, the first time was by a vet when lily was in rescue, it popped. good luck


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What we paid...

We had Ajax's cherry eye fixed at the same time he was neutered.  We also had his stenotic nares correction then, too, so he would not have to go under anesthesia more than once.  There are different methods for fixing cherry eye.  Ajax's vet used the tacking method.  Here is what we paid: $114.96 for the cherry eye surgery, $50 for the EKG to monitor him during surgery, and $60.50 for the pre-surgery bloodwork (optional).  I'm not sure if there are other relevant costs on my bill since we had more than one surgery done and it is difficult to break it out.  I don't see the anesthesia listed, but it may have been wrapped into the surgery cost. We live in Ohio and I believe costs may be a little lower here than in other areas. I hope this helps!  Best of luck.


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My Vet charges $150 including

My Vet charges $150 including post-op oral antibiotics & antibiotic eye gel. She tells people to wait a month before making the decision because she feels that usually the 2nd eye will also sometimes pop a cherry eye and if it does she can do both @ the same time, instead of putting the dog under twice. She is considered a Bulldog "Specialist" in the S.E. - Everyone who shows their Bulldogs uses her. We have been using her for years.

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I had it done on mine and she did awesome it was only

$350 by a Bulldog vet, they know their stuff there, and are super reasonable.  My vet actually got her degree from Georgia, the home of Ugg


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LouLou eyes were done in texas

Not by a bulldog vet. This was before I got her. Her other mommy gave me recites forf 425.000 each eye. Then told me never to use them. Her other mommy and Daddy were doctors and moving back to alaska. They rehome her at 14 months. And that's when I adopted her.



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I'm in Barrie, Ontario, Matilda had cherry eye in both eyes

last August.  We go to a Bully vet in town, she's fantastic, she used the tack procedure.  Cost with tax came to $626.04, this included the antibiotic gel.  The post that said their vet suggested waiting a month to see if the other eye would get cherry eye is a very good suggestion.  That's exactly what happened to Matilda, one eye went first and a few weeks later the other went.  I was able to massage them back in for awhile, but then it got to the point where you'd no sooner massage them back in and they'd pop back out.