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Chef D's mug shot and a few questons

We just moved to Indy a few days ago from NOLA.   Being only a year old he had never seen snow or this kind of cold.  He's been great.   Little confused on where to pee/poo with all the snow/ice, but overall he isn't bothered.   That said, how do bullies normally fair in cold weather? We just went on a mile walk and he seems fine, but I didn't know if that is too much fo a bully or not.

How active is/was your bully at 1 year? 


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My guys love the cold weather...

I live in Vancouver Canada, and it is pretty cold and wet this time of year.

I make sure that when we get back from a walk I wipe their paws to make sure there is no salt on them...bad for paws.

I take them out for about a mile and a half and they love it...


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from montreal,qc myself and

from montreal,qc myself and can get pretty cold!
but my archie loved the snow...yes,wipe paws well
that salt can be killer on them,re:paws

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I would have never thought about the paws and the salt.  Right now we are at my condo.  I wipe his feet on the carpet by the door.  Sadly my thought was to keep mom's white carpet clean. Then he walks on more carpet walking the halls.    I will just add wiping down his paws when we get inside.


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My guys walk about a 1/2 mile to a mile a day and...

Ollie is almost 9 and can still do it.  I think walking keeps them in good shape.  No snow or salt worries here in Phoenix though.

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(not in the summer) we would walk him 2+ miles.   Maybe even more.  Although not all at one time or even everyday.  NOLA is dog friendly so there were a few bar stops long the way for him.


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There is a great product called "Paw Wax" that puts a nice

protective coating on their paws, too.  Meaty and Sophie LOVE going out in the ice and snow......Sophie is

actually CONSTANTLY wanting to go out and EAT the ice  : )    I tried boots for them, but sadly, they come

off too easily  :(


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From Minneapolis

Maybull doesn't mind the cold at all. She kept wanting to go out and sit on the steps when it was 12 degrees. We wouldn't let her stay out ling – only about three or four mnutes, but it didn't bother her. She doesn't like the snow, however. In heavy snows, we dig out a section of the back yard so she has a place to do her business. Some dogs love romping in the snow.

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WOW Koji couldn't walk 1/2 a mile much less 1 or 2; and she is

only 46lbs...


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We have always lived in a city

So Chef D never had a choice but to do a walk.  There was no backyard to just let him out to do his business.  Add in we lived only a few blocks from Bourbon Street and he get A LOT of attention.  Walks are fun for him.   Yesterday we did about 1.5 miles or so.  He loves it.

Well as long as you go in the direction he wants to go in.  Indy is stil new so he is willing to walk anywhere now.  In NOLA he had pretty strong opinions what streets he wanted to go down.   Bourbon was one of his favorites.  If we didn't walked towards Bourbon his bully breaks would go on (sometimes even just laid down)  People would stop, laugh, feel sorry for him because he was 'tired'.  "umm, NO, he is not tired, he just wants to go to Bourbon street and we are not going that way today."


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