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Car seat or bed

Anybody have a good recommendation for a dog seat/bed.  We will be taking the little guy on a few road trips and looking for a bed that we can put on the back seat of our SUV.  Saw something called a snoozer lookout but the largest one I could find said it was for a 25 pound dog or multiple dogs.  Seriously, we have bullies and 25 pounds was 20 pounds ago!  I rather not have him in the crate in the back so I really wanted to find something that goes on the seat.  Thanks!


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car rides....

traveling with your bullie can be so much fun, I love having my babies go with me! It's always safest to have your pet travel in a crate or at lease with a dog seatbelt just in case of an accident.  my little male Diesel doesn't enjoy being in the truck, I think his main problem is he has to be picked up and put in the truck which starts the whole thing off in a negative way, he is already scared so he wants to be in his crate it makes him feel confortable and safe but my little female Molly loves to be in the truck and is ready to go at anytime.  the vehicle seats are comfortable so I always feel like I can just put a blanket over the seat and let Molly just sit or lay on the seat, I have tried putting a dog bed in the backseat for her and because I didnt have a way to secure it in its place I was worried when stopping etc that it would rock forward and make her fall (but I'm a worrier type).  I would say if you don't want to use a crate at least purchase a pet saftey belt, lay a comfy soft blacket over the seat and just let your baby kick back and enjoy the trip.


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I agree with having a crate for a couple of reasons.

The first is that it's the safest way to travel with your fur baby. They are secured in by the surroundings of the crate in the event you need to make a sudden stop.  A seat belt harness can do this as well, but as we found out our Fatboy was not comfortable at all.  He couldn't lay down and had limited movement in the seat.  

The second reason is a crate is their cofort zone. It's their own personal space that they can go to whenever they are nervous, scared, or just want to be alone (which is hardly ever).  However I read that, for dogs, it is a sort of cave for them.  And they like this kind of space.  I noticed that whenever we have to leave Fatboy in the kitchen during the day, he hangs out underneath the table.  He'll even drag his toys in there.


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Crates are the safest.

Both of my dogs have crates.  I put a fan and toy in each and they love it.  Think of a dog as a child,,,sudden stop or violent crash they become a projectile.  Hppy travels!


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Having two dogs, I ran a nylon leash into the trunk through the back seat, secured it, added a coupler and both dogs are leashed in the back seat.  They can't fly foward of the rear seat, nor jump out the window, or if the top were down.  One thing, is in an emergency I can get them out quick....no matter what  method you use I'm glad you care enough to secure your doggie.



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Crates MUST be secured

into the vehicle. If you can't secure it properly, a dog car harness works great too.

I use a car harness, because I only have a thin wire portable, collapsable crate. It will not offer any protection in a crash and it will not offer my dog's body much protection either, from being slammed and flipped around inside it.

They do have some really nice heavy duty crates for cars, but that's not what I have. Audrey does not have any problems getting comfortable in a harness, in fact  we just got back today from a trip to the mountains, and it's a 3.5 hour ride. She slept the whole way!


Cathy and Audrey