Can anyone help me with this?

Hello everyone, My name is Aude`

Am new to this site, today is my frist day here and I hope am not in violation of the forum rules with this post.

I have an English Bulldog name Molley, she is the world to me, I've had her
since she was 7 weeks old, she's now 4yrs old and ever since than I've been try to find help on her papers.                                                                My question for anyone here that can help me is. I've been trying to see if there is a way I can get (AKC/UKC register) on Molley?                            The person I got Molley from lost her papers some how. There's a story behind all this, that's another time. Can anyone here help me with Molley's AKC/UKC paper?

My other question is. Why does Molley keep strapping my carpet as if she's
digging for a bone. She has her favorite corner in our living room that she'll
only go to and start scrapping, she'll do this 3-4 times a day and she'll
also do this on her bed, but only on one of her bed mattress, which is a kids bed
mattress. She has 2 beds. One bed is in our living room (regular dog
mattress) and the other is in her very own bed room. We put a kids bunk bed mattress in with
bed covers pillows, TV all for her. We truned the guess room into Molley's room. Why is she scrapping
my carpet and her bed? It doesn't bother me when she's scrapping her bed mattress but
it does bother me when she's scrapping my carpet, because the carpet in that
corner is now ruin. I like to know why Molley does this and if there' away to stop it?                                                                                                          I'll tell her to stop,  later she's back at it. I look forward to hearing your Help from any of you.

Thank you everyone,  Aude` and Molley

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You have a digger

My Stella was a "digger" as well. She liked to make her bed just right and ended up tearing my sofa and all my chairs to bits. You're lucky Molly has her own bed... At four years old, I don't think you can untrain her.

Hard to say what to do about the carpet. Do you think that, if you put a piece of furniture or a plant in that corner it would stop her. Or would she just pick another corner.

For the papers, maybe you can just contact the AKC directly. If they've never heard of your breeder, maybe she isn't as reputable as you thought...

Thank you Celine and Ange.

I think molley would pick another spot to scrape. Whats funny is that she doesn't dig outside or anything just her bed and my carpet. On her papers, I'll try contacting the AKC. Thanks.

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Celine is right. (Papers).

You can also call them. I did this to try to find Loulou papers. If you know the breeder name they will do the research and tell you. I had to just tell them the name of who I got her from and they were able to look it up. 



Thanks you....

Thanks you....