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Bully Sticks

Wow! I read that bully sticks were okay for bulldogs but geez oh Pete's they STINK! Is there another alternative to these smelly things?

I was also wondering if anyone had any advice on buying a life jacket for a bully. I tried one on her at the store, but it didn't fit right. I'd like to get one so she gets used to it.

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Life Jackets & Bully Sticks

I have always prefered the Ruffwear Life jackets.  They seem to fit a bulldog best.  I also have a West Marine Life jacket (large) that was for Norbert and it fit him ok, a little long but that's the problem with the life jackets for bulldogs.  The Rufffwear jackets I have are both medium sized and fit Ester, MacKenzie and Cleo (up to 55 lbs).  The ones from Petsmart are horrible and I would never trust them to keep the dog in the jacket and hold them up.  You need one that straps and buckles securely.

MacKenzie (in his younger years) styling Ruffwear while doing a little Salmon fishing in Telegraph Cove, British Columbia, Canada.  We were joined by Orcas that morning so the fishing was slow.  

As for Bully Sticks ... they do stink, they are bull penis. I used to give them as a special treat at the dog shows.  I don't get them anymore because I saved a couple once in a plastic bag after they had chewed on them and they got worms in them.  So no more bully stick for me.   You have to monitor them because they will try to swallow the soft slimmy part.  You should cut that off after it gets to soft.  

I mostly use Nylabones, antlers, raw marrow bones.

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Great picture

Love the pic!

i put the bully sticks in a plastic bag yesterday because they stink. I actually threw them away this morning because they are gross (did that prior to reading your post actually). I don't plan on buying any more because they stink & I noticed Bertha was trying to swallow the slime part whole. 

Thank you for the life jacket info. I'll look online to see if I can find the Ruffwear life jacket. 

Thanks again for the info :-)

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life jackets

We have a life jacket for Tucker. It's from "Outward Hound" and we got it at Petsmart. We use it up at my in laws cottage and down here when we go to the dog beach.
I know someone had said that the ones from Petsmart weren't good quality but ours is and it works great. I actually feel very safe having Tucker wear it out on the dock and in the water. Tucker is about 67 pounds and it holds his weight fine.

As far as the bully sticks, we have never tried them because I had heard they were stinky. We've bought deer antlers in the past and although they are expensive they last a long time.
Good luck!


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"