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Bulldogs & Health

Folks if you are shopping for a puppy the first questions you should be asking the breeder is; What health tests have you done?  They will have certificates from OFA and you can search OFA website yourself.

Then you should go to the BCA (Bulldog Club of America) website and read all you can about Bulldogs.

If the breeder isn't testing, then find another breeder. All breeders should be showing a commitment to breeding to the breed standard, temperment &  health, not $$$.  If you hear these words;  Oh thats normal for the breed.....FIND A NEW BREEDER!


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Ace, Bentley, Ralph

Ace is the sire of 20+ Champions and a multiple Best In Specialty winning dog, Bentley has sired many champions and was the National Specialty Best of Breed Winner, and Ralph is a multiple Best In Show winning dog. Moxie is a multiple titled performance bulldog.

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Thank you for posting this Deb, hopefully those...

Who are new to the breed and searching for a puppy will follow your advice. It is sound wisdom. And look at that Moxie go! One of our own BDW girls, isn't she? Cheryl's Christmas litter?


Amy and Sophia

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I love those two words together

"Performance bulldog". That just smashes any preconceptions about bulldogs. Thanks for posting ;)


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"

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Yep! That's my girl, Moxie! of the JiNGLE BuLLS! :)

:) Good  memory! I haven't stopped by BDW for a couple years! I came across your comment and the health-testing post by Deb--great advise BTW! Gabe is still going strong (Gabe, Moxie, their Mother, Pip, and Gabe's daughters Angel and Gabby are all Platinum-level Health Ambassadors (Gabe just needs one major to finish his AKC Championship to add to his Can & Int Ch...and CD, CDX, UD, RN, RA, RE, NAP, NJP, OAP, NAC, TN-N, NDD, HIC, CA, RATI, RATN, CGC, THD & CAN CD & DD! :)