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Bulldog Shampoo and wipes???????

Wanted some good ideas of bulldog shampoo?

Some people are saying Selson Blue, others are saying johnson and johnson baby products, even heard that Paul Mitchell has a good oatmeal shampoo made with all natural.

Also what kind of wipes to use for her wrinkles and her tail?


Bulldogs changed our life!!!!!

Different things....different days...

Day to day....Pampers Unscented Wipes, Tail pocket...wipes occasionally but once a week a good clean out with Hibiclens a chlorihexidine soap and then once a month Johnsons baby shampoo. 

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Thank you very much. Miss

Thank you very much. 

Miss piggy Sunday will be greatful


Bulldogs changed our life!!!!!

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Chris Christenson Dog Products

I use the White on White shampoo for show. I love their products. I don't use people shampoo as my understanding is the ph is different for humans then dogs. I have used my Mane and Tail horse shampoo on the dogs, but I much prefer the CC products.

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Thank you much. Miss piggy

Thank you much. 

Miss piggy Sunday will be greatful. 


Bulldogs changed our life!!!!!

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I used Mane & Tail with great success with Doyle. 

Horse Mane 'N Tail Shampoo

I use this horse shampoo on my Molley since she was 1yrs old, she's almost 4 now. It works Really! Great. I Love it and wouldn't use any other shampoo. I've used many other dog shampoo's and I hated them. It made Molley shed more and her coat had this dull white look to it, plus they cost to much too. Since I been using this Mane shampoo on Mollies her coat comes in think with a really heathy beautiful white shine to her coat . The shampoo is called   " The Original Mane 'N Tail and body shampoo" made my Straight Arrow. It's in a yellow and blue bottle. It's made for horses but also works really great on dogs too. You can get it at any Walmart or Farming supply store, in the pet section. It cost like $6 for the shampoo. Less than any dog shampoo that's on the market. You can also use the condition Mane too, but I don't. No need to. Give it a try and see how if you'd like what the out come is. You'll just have to Wait a few baths before you can see the results. You won't be disappointed. Hope this helps.

Molley and Aude.

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These are the BEST wipes with Tea Tree Oil I've found for tail..

I don't use them on Burnice's face, (I just use a damp ppaer towel and then dry one) but these are great for her "cinnamon bun" tail. You could try the face though? Not sure if they would sting or not, but I've found bulldogs I've had don't like smelly things in their face. I've tried regular baby wipes and also some other liquid products and it just made her tail smell that gross dead-animal stinky yeasty odor. The tea tree oil in these are great and no odor! They aren't cheap but you get 100 in a tub and they are always damp never dried out when I get them. This is a great price compared to Petco....