Is a bulldog the right dog for me?

Good morning everyone. our family currently has a 7 month old Labrador and we are considering the adoption of an english bulldog, but before we do I was hoping you could provide me with some insight if this would be a good fit.  Our lab is very sweet and pretty well behaved with other dogs and people, but like all puppies she is playful. We have her in puppy training and puppy camp, and she tends to play very well with other dogs. Can someone please share their experiences with introducing a bulldog into a home, or if a bulldog might be a good companion to Olivia. 

 I was hoping to hear from bulldog owners if they think a bulldog might be a good companion. 

black lab/bully combo

My brother has a black lab that was ten when they got the bulldog puppy (they actually got two puppies but one passed away tragically around his 1st birthday),  The black lab and the bulldog are the best of friends.  The older one even brings toys to drop in front of his bully brother when he wants to play.   Puppies are puppies, and love to play, so I think it would be nice.


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I think a lab with a bully is perfect. We had a lab/pit mix

that recently passed away.  She was 10 1/2 when we introduced Dooley at 6mo.  They were friends from day 1.  Since her passing, we adopted a lab/australian shepherd mix.  She was 8 wks old when we got her.  Dooley who is almost 2 took to her immediately and they play continuosly.  In fact they just did their laps of chasing each other in the back yard and now they are both crashed out on the floor.


Sounds like they will be a

Sounds like they will be a good match. Do you think it makes a difference that the bulldog is 1 yr old and the lab is 7 months?

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Although your well behaved playful lab is ideal, you need to

take the temperament of the potential adopted bully into account as well.  I frequent the bulldog rescue websites frequently, and a lot of the adoptable bullies need to be the only dog in the family.  When you do find the right bully who will fit into your current family, introduce the two on neutral territory like a near by park.  Then walk the two home so your current dog is more accepting of the situation and the new bully is eased into new surroundings.

Good luck!


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Great suggestion, thanks 

Great suggestion, thanks 

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How old is the bulldog?


The bulldog is 1 yr old

The bulldog is 1 yr old

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I would think the energy levels would be too different ..

Like maybe something on the more active level might be a better match.  I got my bully when she was 4 and she is super lazy and tires easy... So it was always difficult to plan long walks or trips together with our more active dogs, like my kelpie or beagle.  I would look for someone on the same level as the lab, like a cattledog, retriever, shepherd, mutt... Also I would look for someone with similar lifespan too... Sorry, just speaking fom experience! 


sincerely, christine