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brittle nails

My bulldog (Brit) nails keeping cracking.I keep her nails cut short but, at least twice a year she breaks a nail & the vet has to remove it. She had a nail on her front paw remove last week. I was wondering if anyone knows of something I could give her to strengthen her nails.

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Hmmm... never encountered this myself

Is she getting good calcium in her food? I know that's good for human nails... Have you asked your vet this specific question? I'd be interested.

My Stella ripped off one of her nails and it was extremely painful. So I can see why you want this problem addressed ASAP!

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Brit is on prescription diet

Brit is on prescription diet potato & salmon formula(get it from the vets office). Calcium carbonate is one of the ingredients listed. No I didn't think to ask the vet if there was something we could give her & we live 4 hours away. I give her coated asperin for the pain.
We adopted her her a 1 1/2 ago.. she's 3yrs now. I now she had a rough start to life (she was 10 lbs under weight when we got her). Maybe lack of proper nutrition as a puppy has something to do with it.
She's a fullfigured, happy dog now :)

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Personally, I would get her off the food from the vets.

Get her on a good quality grain free food, but get her off the vet formula. You can try Natural Balance, Taste of the Wild, Blue Buffalo...any number of good grain free feeds are available that will give her better nutrition than the vet formula. 

Also, get some Salmon Oil and give it to her every other day. You can find good Norwegian Wild Salmon Oil sold in the vitamin section at Wal mart at a good price. That might help her nails some. 


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Thanks! will try the vitamins

Thanks! will try the vitamins

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Brit will be happy to get her bandage off tommorow