Brewer and Erin

Ok everyone. I was not able to read everyones post before I went to see Erin. But when I got there I could not leaver her behind.  This is going to be a rough road, but this girl was too sweet to leave there and not do anything. She has no training of any kind and her face is bad. She will for sure need the entropian surgery to correct her eyes. As far as the breeder breading her again, I just don't know what to do about that. So anywho, I have attached a picture of her so everyone can see what I am dealing with.


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Poor little ding dong

So glad you've saved her.

Did you sign any kind of contract with this lady? She doesn't seem like the most honest person in the world and I'd be afraid she'd come back and try to take her back after you've taken care of everything...

It was a verbal contract. I

It was a verbal contract. I really don't think she will try to take her back, cuz why would she give her to me for free then. I don't know what to think. i am confused about the whole thing right now.


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I think I'd try to get something on paper

Maybe Cathy or someone who works with rescue could help you with the wording. Just to cover yourself and avoid worries down the road.

She's lovely and I'm sure she'll thrive under your care!

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your a good soul sweetie,i'm

your a good soul sweetie,i'm glad you took her...,(((hugs)))
smoochies the scrunchy faces

her face looks just like Oliver's did before his surgery.

this is what he looked like after getting the last of his stitches removed from both eyes yesterday

as you can see, the dark brown around his eyes is much lighter already. I hope everything works out for you and her. I am a foster for Detroit Bulldog Rescue and have one girl in my home now who came from a not so great situation also.


Kim, Remy Le Beau, Lord Sebastian, and Sir Oliver

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kimmy smoochies your

kimmy smoochies your beautiful boys + your foster pls,
extra smoochie to oliver though!

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I'm glad you have her...she needed help

but please, consider contacting an attorney. You need to CYA with this since she does not seem to be the most honest or ethical person out there.

You need to be sure that the dog is yours (at this point there is nothing to prove she is not yours) and you need to get her healthy. Can you take her to a vet ASAP to have her eye evaluated?? She needs to have that addressed immediately...

God, I'm glad you have her...


Shannon and Winston :)

My swimming bully buddy!

My swimming bully buddy!

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Your an awesome person for doing it see how she's doing

thanks for giving her the care she deserves she's a real sweetie an hopefully the breeder forgets about it or you get something on paper. any how like I said earlier that's awesome that your giving her the care she needs....


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You are so sweet to take her.

Did you sign any contract or "purchases" agreement? I know she was given to you, but if you have nothing in writing, you need to ask the breeder for an agreement. I would have her vet checked immediately...maybe your vet could claim medically that the dog shouldn't be bred again? Just a thought:-) I have a good vet who would go to bat for my dogs that way.


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