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So Brewer and Bernie are getting along great. Brewer takes a beating from Bernies sharp puppy teeth. There are actually patches of skin and hair missing from Brewers face right now. (poor guy) We took Bernie to the vet yesterday and he is up to 5.2 pounds. So he has gained 1.2 pounds in a week and a half. The vet says he is healthy and by the weight gain, he will be a full size pup. So if anyone has suggestions on how to get Bernie to stop attacking Brewer's face, that would be awesome. 

Of course bullie butts!


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They are so cute together.

Thanks for letting us see the two of them.

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Glad he's gaining and is healthy

Sometimes you just have to give the little one timeout away from your older boy. The babies can be such terrors and if the older boy doesn't get after him for being to rough then you have to step in and control the situation it.

Crate train the puppy, give him time outs and let the older boy get his own time without the baby. They both need separate lovin.

Sometimes a little Bitter Apple Spray on the side of jowls will help.

Use others training words then just "No". No is used so often it means nothing. Use "No Bite" redirect his attention to a toy. You have to be very consistent. This is not the easiest time when they are chewing on and chewing up everything.

It will be over around 6 months....LOL!

so, so cute.................

and the puppy bites will go on for a long time......:)


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



I do take him away and give

I do take him away and give him a toy or give him crate time. I just feel real bad for Brewer because his face is so chewed up. And now on top of it his folds between his eyes (not his nose rope) is all red and was icky. So I will probably be taking him to the vet soon too to take care of that.


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Totally adorable!

Like the others said, give big bro a break every so often. He'll end up teaching the young one some manners, but you don't want things to escalate.

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what a couple of cuties!!

looks like they are having a blast together!



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attitude is altitude!



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They are both great looking guys an I'm a bit

Pups are awesome an you must be loving watching the 2 boys playing around an having fun together


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