Biting table corners when sleeps

Biting the chair

Hey guys!

When my 5 years old bulldog sleeps, he snores and he is getting tired of snoring, so he is putting stuff inside his mouth in order stop it and have an open mouth while sleeping for easier breathing.
For instance, he is biting a ball or my office chair base(PIC) and sleeps silently.
My problem appears when he is doing that on tables, when he falls asleep sitting up, he is biting the table corners and hangs his entire body on the table. By doing that he is destroying every table…
Generally speaking, I don't mind and especially if he feels better and sleeps better I wouldn't care at all. I just ask if this is common issue and if there is a way at least to stop him from biting the table corners.

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If he doesn't destroy them, give him a stuffie to chew on or woobie on.

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Penelope did the same thing untill I got her, her lamby,

Now she sleeps with the lamb in her mouth, but before the she would sleep with her mouth open on the house/crate or a table leg. Every sense I got her the lamb I haven't seen her do any of those things again. Hopefully you can find something that he won't rip to peace's an will sleep with it. Best of luck


Cory & Penelope

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How adorable!

Mind you, I can see how it would be a problem :)

The stuffie toy for sleepy time sounds like a good idea.

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I was thinking about this last night

I'm wondering if, next time you go to the vet's for something, you should have his pallet checked. Maybe pallet surgery would help his breathing overall. Just a though.

Still a totally adorable pic :)