Hi all I have an 11 week old bulldog puppy that loves to bite, she has drawn blood on a few occasions. Should I smack her or not, it's our first puppy and we need advice!!!! 

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No hitting!

Puppies put everything in their mouths and have not yet learned that biting hurts. Don't hit your bulldog. For one thing, it won't help your relationship with your dog and with bulldog, it may just make them more stubborn. But, those needle sharp little teeth can hurt and can even draw blood.

Instead, there are a few things you can do. When he bites, remove your body part, hold the dog's mouth closed and say, NO BITE in a loud but firm voice. No yelling. You can sometimes yelp, because the dog doesn't know it's hurting you. Also you can sometimes flip the puppy over on it's back and hold him down (gently) and say NO.

These things should work, but it's going to take a while. Puppies play by biting and they remain puppies until they are up to six months old.

Good luck. Let us know if this works.

great advice and I will add............

that I always had numerous chew toys around and put one in their mouths the minute they started biting.  Both of mine are chewers and love to have something in their this day.  The biting will hang tough!


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Thankyou so much I will get more chew toys and try that 

Our good

friend is a dog trainer, he said that Bulldogs LOVE to take over the house - he had a client that could NOT sit on the couch anymore, due to "it was the bulldogs couch" He broke that dog pretty fast.. We had a problem with out little girl when we first got her - he came over and told us what to do.. he just kept poking her around her neck and saying NO - when she would get really pissy, hold her down on her back- hand on her chest.. you actually hear them give up (they let out a hard breath) then you talk to her nicely and give her time to get up... It does take a while with these little stubborn suckers, but I swear I will always own a bulldog... Hoping I can breed my little girl soon too! Lots of luck!


We would also tie a sock in a knot, wet and freeze it - they can play with that as a chew toy - helps with the teething too!

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I would not smack her

She is just a baby and hitting Bullies is just wrong. Put her in time out (crate) first I would her new toys to chew on. then I would keep telling her No Bite.But please don't ever hit your bulldog you could cause problems later on in her life. She your baby. They will grow out of it.



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Do NOT hit or smack your dog. Please read up on how to train a



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