best food/supplements for a puppy

I will be picking up my new bulldog puppy in about 2 weeks. My bulldogs health is my number 1 concern. I want to start him off with the best possible chance to live a long, happy and healthy life. I have done a lot of research, but would like some opinions from fellow bulldog owners that may know more than I do. As far as the food i have narrowed it down to 4 kinds, all have gotten great reviews and i would be comfortable with any of them. They are: Innova Large breed puppy, Wellness Super5mix large puppy, blue buffalo life protection large puppy, and taste of the wild high prarie puppy. Supplements im considering are: Nujoint plus which has glucosamine and chondroitin and ive seen that those ingridients can help with hip and joint issues in general. I would really appriciate some feedback about my choices. Especially reguarding the supplements, are they the right ones or should i go a different route.

Looking forward to learning more!

What does your Breeder Feed the pups

I found out what my breeder was feeding the dogs - she sent us home with a bag.... I have always been a fan of Neturo so I started to mix it in with her for to switch over... my breeder uses nature domaine...
We lost our bulldog in July and he was almost 12, Don't know if it was the food, but he was healthy... I then since got 2 more bullies... One is 9 months old and one that is 3 months old (Fred and Ethel) They are brother and sister (same dad)... God luck with your little guy!

I would stay with what ever the breeder is currently

feeding. All the foods you list are good foods but all dogs are different, finding the right one for you pup will be trial and error.

Good luck and have fun with you new family member


Lynn King CPDT-KA