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Best food for new bulldog puppy

Hi everybody! I am a new member here. I have recently gotten a new bulldog puppy. He is 10 weeks old and I am about to run out of the food that his breeder had given me.

He has been eating Super Premium Nutra Nuggets optimum health formula for puppies (

I have looked online for the best alternative choice. I came across Royal Canin Bulldog Puppy ( It seems to be very well reviewed.

Has anyone had any experience with any of these or have any suggestions for the best food?

Thanks guys I really appreciate it!



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Hi and congratulations!

I personally do not like Royal Canin, I always look for a food that is grain free, salmon or duck based, no corn, wheat or fillers.  We use Natural Balance foods and our guys do really well on it. But there are a lot of brands that are good as well.   Look for a protein content of 24% or less.  Bulldogs don't really need puppy food, so we always put ours right on adult food.  Also, try to hold off on the rabies shot until he's 6 months or more, some of us have found that too many vaccines stress the immune system and they can get demodex (mange).  My first bulldog pup had it, and we held off on the rabies for the rest and they were fine.  Make sure you post some pictures for us!

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we feed our 2 bulies Taste of the wild lamb. it is grain free and our girls do well with it. change over to the new food slowly to avoid tummy upset.


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Royal Canin used to be a pretty decent food, but something...

Changed in their formula. I fed it for a couple of years before going grain free. I am feeding Blue Buffalo right now. It isn't grain free but my bully girl isn't allergic to anything but potatoes and most grain free has a potato as the single carb source. Blue Buffalo is a good food though, as are Taste of the Wild and many more. Keep the protein percentage at or under 25%, and switch the puppy over to the new food over about a week span.


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Lots of options

She can go right to adult food. Bulldogs don't need all the protein in a puppy food.

I personally would avoid lamb for a puppy this young, it is a pretty rich (hot) protein source and some dogs can't handle lamb. I'm also not a fan of salmon for a puppy. It looks like the food the breeder was feeding is a chicken meal, corn filled food. Yuck!

I would start with a simple protein, single source if possible or something like duck/turkey. When I was feeding kibble I had great luck with "Now" grain free made by PetCurean.

Avoid corn!

Solid Gold
Natural Balance
Blue Buffalo
(to name a few)

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Thanks for the help guys!

I've decided to go with Natural Balance for him. Even though I'm just mixing in a little with his old food to get him adapted, he seems to be enjoyng it thus far!