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Have to include My Rooney...

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oh oh oh...trhe bulldogsworld

oh oh oh...trhe bulldogsworld family most adorable and lovable trio...i luvs them!
smoochies the scrunchy faces

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they are like bookends~~~~sweet

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Do they not like Viper?


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i believe he's the most

i believe he's the most active of the 3 ...lol
they're more mellow,lol...

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he LOVES to play ALL THE TIME. Plank and Squid prefer to chill. Every once in awhile they play with him, Plank the older one especailly. Squiddy is a total Momma's Boy. I think they LOVE Viper, they all 3 snuggle and sleep together.

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Love the butt to butt sleeping pic!

And the one where Viper spotted the ball and the other is soundly sleeping...prob not for long :) 


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"I dropped the red thing"


-Sherm was here. 

I never get tired of looking at these guys!!

absolutely adorable! Every picture is cuter than the next!

As always a treat to see your pics.


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Entirely not fair....

I really need to come visit so I can seriously smooch them. I wouldn't know which one to start with!


Cathy & Zimmer




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Handsome Boys

You know I love your boys. Since they have strong family ties with Ester Ester and Kohl I know why.
BTW - I got Kohl a Teaser ball. OMG ~~ I have to hide it. He played with it last night and get his lips all red. I can only take it for short periods. LOL!

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Cutest pics ever these 2 melt

Cutest pics ever these 2 melt my heart, makes me wonder if we should be getting Miss Lucy a friend while she is still a puppy! Now I have bullie fever she is only 4 motnhs and I want another one,,, is this turning into a problem,,,,lol