Best Of Breed, Group 3rd & Best Puppy In Group

Doris attended her second show weekend which took place in Montreal, our hometown. During the first day, she won Best Of Opposite, accumulating 2 points. On the second day, she won Reserve Winners.

On the third day, she won Best Of Breed, Group 3rd and Best Puppy In Group, accumulating 5 points. With her additional 2 points from the last show that took place 2 months ago, she has 1 last point to earn her Championship. Wish us luck for the show in Ontario in 2 weeks! :)

CH Biggie Smalls

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I wish I could have gone to see you!

I had planned to go to the Dog Show this weekend but had to go to Toronto!

Congrats to you and to the beautiful (nearly a champion) Doris!!

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yayyy!!!! congrats doris!

yayyy!!!! congrats doris! next time let us know when the show is happening in mtl-grrr!!!

smoochies the scrunchy faces


Holy moly, I would have to say

that by looking at her pictures, luck has nothing to do with it.  She is a gorgeous girl.

A big "CONGRATULATIONS" to you on a well deserved win.

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Way to go!!!

Thanks so much guys!!

You guys are right, I forgot there were quebecors in here, I should've told you ahead of time. I can't wait for the next show!!!


CH Biggie Smalls

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biggie you are just friggin

biggie you are just friggin adorable!!!

smoochies the scrunchy face

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Way to go....and I am in LOVE with Biggie...Oh MY what a handsome guy......


Cathy and Audrey  

Thank you!!! :) :)

Thank you!!! :) :)


CH Biggie Smalls