Been very busy...

Hi everyone, I have been reading the posts but have had not time to post anything myself as I have been in Oregon sitting my grandkids for the past three weeks. Came home to find Phoebe much larger. The funny thing to me is that her body and legs have grown considerably but her head seems small in proportion. Am wondering if this is typical or not. Will it gradually grow larger too. She's actually kind of odd looking right now. Any thoughts would be appreciated. 

Forgot to mention she is now just turnng 7 months old


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It's normal

Most bulldog go through this 'homely' stage. They grow until they are about a year old and sometimes different parts grow at different rates. When you bulldog turns one year old, she'll start to widen. Her head will get bigger, her chest, etc. That can keep going until they're two or two and a half years old.

Don't worry, your bulldog is beautiful, whatever.

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Stella went through that phase

Here she is at about six months.  Chest is broadening but still kind of a pea head.  She eventually did get her big, beautiful, giant head.