BDW Christmas card exchange update.

This is just an f.y.i. for those that have sent in their info.

So far, we have a total of 13 people exchanging cards. 

Maybe a few more will sign up before the cutoff date of Nov. 15th.

It's so much fun waiting for the mail and seeing all of those beautiful bullie faces.


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Kathie - can I tweak my info

Kathie - can I tweak my info and add Rory to my household?


hahahaha, I already added her when I read the great news..

I'm just so happy for her.  I hope she will bring many, many happy years to your family.

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LOL!!! Thanks :)

LOL!!! Thanks :)

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Is my name on the list

Hi, I waas checking to see if my name was on the list. I e-mailed the information this morning. Laura Ward

I did get it.. Sorry, you went to spam.. I added you.

Do you by any chance have a Great Pyrenees??? Just curious because of the Goatheaven name.

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Great Pyr

Yes, we did, but sadly we lost her this past July. She was almost 11. She was an awesome dog! Never lost a goat with her as a protector. We also used to raise them so we had several at one time, but my Delilaih was the most special.

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Come on everybully! This is great fun, and a nice way....

For us to get to know each other better! We are a big family here, lets get acting like one! Only without the quarreling, bickering, etc, that familes often do!


Amy and Sophia

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Can't wait for the cards

This will be my first time participating. I just love seeing other bulldogs.

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I thjink I signed up....

please add me if not!


PollyAnna's Words of Wisdom


Yes, Angela, you did.


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Did you get my name? I've tried twice, now.


Hi Stephanie.. Check your spam box.

I replied twice.. it may have gone there.