Barking in Car

All of a sudden, a couple months ago, Angus started going crazy when we drive in the car.  At first, I thought it was the windshield wipers because he started it on a rainy day.  Now, it's every time we get in the car.  He barks and cries constantly for the first 10 min. of the ride.  Any thoughts?

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Does he seem scared? Or sick?

My sister's pug gets super car sick, even on short rides.  Is he breathing really fast?  Seem upset?

Or is he just super excited, maybe?


No, not sick.  Just really anxious and he cries while barking.  Very strange as he's always been fine in a car until this started about a month ago. 

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Does he keep at it or just for a short time?  If he keeps at it, sounds to me like he may be feeling a little pukey...

The mysteries of the bulldog :)