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Baby Norbert as my horse show co-pilot

I have started the task of scanning my old horse show photographs to preserve them and since this one is bulldog related I thought I would share.

This was my first bulldog Norbert, who was 7 when I started coming to BDW when it was owned by David.  He was born on Dec. 23 95 so this photo would have been early 96.  I lost him 6 years ago at 11 1/2.

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What a little stinker! Cute stink eye!

And what a great star on that horse! Very lovely:-)


Amy and Sophia

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What lines did you have?

That is one pretty halter horse! I have a big halter bred mare, she is Sonny Dee Bar and Sir Quincy Dan on the bottom, but running and barrel bred on her top side! She is 15.3 h, and weighs in at approximately 1430 lbs. 


Amy and Sophia

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My Awesome Jazz - Not halter but a Western Pleasure Machine

not to mention a showmanship queen and equitation deluxe ride.  But she was not an easy one, she had brains and some times that works against you on a pleasure horse.  

She was a Zippo Pine Bar granddaughter and her dam side was not shabby, sired by a top pleasure Appaloosa Mr. VIP, he went back to Wiggy Bars by Three Bars, Leo and Joe Reed lines on the quarter horse side and Bright Eyes Brother on the App side.  

She was top 5 - 2 yr old in the nation in Western Pleasure. She won her 1st pleasure class after 60 days of riding.She was top 5 - 3 yr old pleasure in the nation, 8th Jr Pl at Worlds and I was 3rd in Non-Pro on her, Tied for 1st until the final judges card (5 judges). 3rd showmanship

As a 4yr old I was  Res Hi Pt Non-Pro on her (1 horse) at our nationals in Oklahoma in 1996, most need 2 horses to get enough pts.  She again was top 10 Jr. Pleasure among the big boys and I was once again 3rd in Non-Pro Pleasure.

She won everything on the local circuit and in our area we had the top horses and non-pro and youth riders in the country.

Non-Pro Pleasure at Worlds in Fort Worth as a 3 yr old - 3rd 

She was a 4yr old here.  Winning the only trail class I ever showed her in.  I was Hi Pt Non-Pro at this show.  

With my trainer in the 3yr old pleasure class at Worlds - I think she was 8th out of something like 50.

This is her mom as a yearling.  I bred her and then sold her as a 2yr old.  she was never really ridden, just used as a brood mare.  

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So lovely! And very nice lines!

Thank you so much for sharing, Deb! I am impressed with both of you! I never went into the Western Pleasure ring, but ran barrels and poles. Now I am involved in dressage on my big Thoroughbreds, and some reining and cutting with a couple of my QH girls. 


Amy and Sophia

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OMG Norbert!

I hardly even noticed you and the horse, lol. How adorable!

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awww Norbert I loved

his colors...