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Article on best breeds for families

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ooh steph what a friggin cute

ooh steph what a friggin cute puppy!

as far as the comments to each his own obviously and for those w/the negative comments about the bully breed like in anything and almost everything it's like the lottery...sometimes you get extremely lucky and sometimes you don't!as far as health issues i've known dog owners that had other breeds and the health issues are up there and just as costly(if not more),as much as the bully breed-so there!
and although my experience w/my archie(although short lived)wasn't health issue related more of aggression/dominance w/my dad...
i still wouldn't get another any other breed but a bully!!!

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I agree

Bulldogs are the best. But, this article is the first I've seen that put bulldogs as the #1 great family dog. We know that, but usually, it's some sort of hound or retriever.

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I am so sick of reading & hearing people say bulldogs are unhealthy.


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