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Are bulldogs dumb? Or is it just an act?

Some of the other smartest dog breeds are:

Breeds often accused of being most likely to be held back a grade include:

Owners of these breeds might agree their dogs may not have college futures, but they do have street smarts, and when it comes to getting their way, they're without peer.

Don't we know it! "Why do tricks for some silly treat when you can simply give the bulldog look and get a better treat?"

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I in no way think bulldogs are "dumb". My Lola is just as smart as a border collie. Lola knows many commands and listens to them very well. She always comes back to me when I yell her name no matter how occupied she is. Now of course she is stubborn at times but really I think its just people not training them because they simply think "oh well its a bulldog, no point in training it" .... I got Lola into training courses right after she healed from being spayed. SInce then she listens very well and knows many commands such as :

- Sit, Stay, Come, Lets go, Leave it, Stop, Lay Down, Shake a paw, High Five, Go to bed, Go get me a toy, Lift your paw (For getting clothes or harness on), Down, Up, No, Go for a Walk, Go for Car ride, Go for a bath. Etc Etc.

Either I got a really smart bulldog or people are just lazy and dont see how smart English Bulldogs really are.

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Maybull knows a lot of these words...

She has trouble with 'no.'

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I don't know who it is that judges our breed on the slow side??

Because Penelope is a highly intelligent, she knows everything I say to her, an tells me when she needs something in or out of the house. So IMHO our breed is just as smart as the next.


Cory & Penelope

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Above people

Buddy is super aloof.  He is his own man and mere mortals don't always interest him. He will sit and look at you just like he doesn't even know his own name.  But he knows every little sound, the cabinet opening, me scraping a yogurt container, when I set my fork down after dinner [he's in his cage] that has anything to do with food.  Bulldogs think most people and other dogs have it all are in the world to please the Bulldog, not the other way around......


Mean people still suck