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Anyone use a steam mop to remove dried bully drool?

Like all of you, we have tons of dried bully drool all over the ceramic and hardwood. Thinking of getting a steam mop to keep it clean -- easier, with less mop scrubbing.

Anyone have one? Does it work?


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yes i did...no more or less

yes i did...no more or less work than the swiffer or regular mopping...but i liked the fact that there are no

chemicals and b/c there were parts in the house where we had area rugs we could use steam over them...

i found that mine was a tad heavy...and pads need to be washed often!

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I've tried it, cleaned great but made my wood floors look dull

Tried it on tile and I found dirty water from the steam would settle in the grout. Worked best in my laundry room where we have a vinyl floor. :)


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I have a Shark...

works great on tile!

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Shark Professional

I bought the shark professional a few weeks ago and so far I really like it.  I have not tried it on the tile yet...but it worked great on the wood floors.  I like the idea of the steam to help disinfect and no chemicals.