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Anybully else watch........

Coco and Ice -T??? I watch it just to see the dogs, I SWEAR! Well last night one of the dogs watch chewing on a toy or blankie and making that little "nom nom" sound. Soooo cute and it's exactly what Tucker does. Spartacus and Maximus are sooo flippin cute :)

So if you don't watch it, tune in to see the dogs.

Hope everyone is ready for Christmas. Tucker's Christmas pics are coming I promise!


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"

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They have dogs?

Just kidding.  I like them, and all dog people....

it can change my mind about folks once I find out thay have a dog...and two ....all the better.



Mean people still suck

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actually one dog for sure is

actually one dog for sure is a bully...,lol