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Long story short. Our son just got married this past Saturday and our plans for a dogsitter feel through. I boarded Sergeant Major at a local doggie day care called Ruff Housing. I got him a penthouse that got him extra attention and had a webcam so I could see him on my phone. The place is really nice. About 8 hours away from home they called me and said he was extremly distressed with heavy labored breathing and were trying to cool him down. It wasn't from being hot though. It was from me leaving him. I don't leave him much and he is nearly always with me, however I have had this happen on a smaller scale before. I left him to get a bath and nail clip while I got a hair cut and he got sick and had the runs from that and it was only about an hour. Luckily I have great neighbors that have a house key. They picked him up and brought him home, fed him and let him out. He did better at home but still took a few days to get back to normal. So the question is has anyone else had this issue? What can be done to help him chill if we leave him. I like taking him everywhere I can, but somtimes It won't be possible. Here are some random pics of my big baby.


Jeff in NC

That's a great question............

and I will be anxious to see some answers.  I have always had a neighbor or family take care of my babies at home.  I know the stress can do horrible things to them.   My neighbor across the street always takes care of my bullies, but she may move in the next year and I am hoping my famly will come through........otherwise..........YIKES!

cute pics by the way!


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



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We have a pet sitter that comes and stays full time...

when we're away.  That way at least they are familiar with their surroundings.  I know Ollie would totally stress if we took him to a boarding facility.  Ask at your vet's office and see if they have any vet techs that sit, that's where we found ours and we've had her for over 10 years.  Or they might recommend someone.  Just be sure that whoever you hire has bulldog experience.

First of all let me say how gorgeous he is...

I hear you. I took my previous bully girl to a kennel and she came home and slept for a week from the stress. And yes there are times when they just cannot go. So now with my new girl I take her to a friends home - who I pay- or pay someone to come and stay with her at my house. It really is not a lot more expensive in the long run and I have the peace of mind knowing that she is comfortable. I mean is that not what I live for :))))

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We used to take Rebel to a

We used to take Rebel to a boarding place that sounds similar to yours. One time, he (and his sister--a basset) did not really seem to want to go; they had always been happy before. Well...Rebel got bitten by another dog and had to go to a vet. Dixie had an anxiety attack because they took her brother away. Rebel had the runs for a week. They called our cell phones, despite the fact that I had them put a note in the record to call my parents for any issues because we would be out of the country and not have any access to our phones. When we dropped them off and they weren't crazy about going, I told my husband we should cancel our trip; he thought I was crazy. When we found out what I happened--I just glared at him :)

I would also recommend an in home pet sitter. We found a wonderful lady through a local service (there are a few pet sitter national associations and also be sure they are bonded). We started off with a short overnight and then a long weekend, and then a week away from home to acclimate them. They do so well while we are gone; no issues at all. Price wise, it was about $3 more a day than the boarding facility and we don't have worry about taking them and picking them up. We can also have my mom come over every other day or so to check and not be charged for a visit. I think being at their house is a great comfort.

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We have in-home pet sitters

They still get run of the house. The pet sitter sends us daily updates and pictures.

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I use the vet clinic

I do not trust anyone so I use the vet clinic and at least they can give his meds, and if something medical comes up, he will be looked after. I have always used my own clinic because he knows I always come to get him. This time (I`m having a knee replacement in 2 weeks) I am using my friend`s vet because there are no stairs and he is missing a patella. They have many bullies in that clinic. I just worry since he has never been there. I went for the tour and one of the vets has a bully who stays in the clinic. I am already very heavy hearted about it. I suppose once I have my surgery my mind will be on myself but I will recover faster if he is with me.


Same Issue

We had the same thing happen on our wedding night. We boarded her at a dog daycare facility and paid extra for the suite. Well the next day when our friends went to get her she was shaking in the corner and hadn't eaten. This dog has never missed a meal in her life! That is the one and only time we ever boarded her. We get an in home pet sitter and have her stay at grandma and grandpas house who spoil her rotten and let her sleep in their bed. I would agree with others on the in house pet sitter. Do you have a regular dog walker? Maybe she can pet sit? Boarding facilities are tough because they are not always well versed in bulldog. I heard a story about a bulldog that dies of heat stroke in one of these kennels because they didn't know the signs. Good luck with whatever you decide.