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Another of my weekly columns (off topic) on a Mexican Grocery

Thanks for reading. Everyone was friendly here and I found some strange and interesting foods.

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I have been eating Mexican food my whole life....

But I have never heard of 90% of what they have there! I would love to go to that market someday.


Amy and Sophia

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If you come to Mpls, wait until warm weather.

LOL! It's warm for us. It's supposed to get 40 degrees this weekend.

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another impressive write up

another impressive write up steph!this time i'm proud to say i recognized some foods,lol,i happen to love tilapia,my brother and bf both can cook up a mean taco not to mention
my brother and his wife live right across the street from a small yet extremely busy empanada restaurant the chicken ones are too die for!!!
smoochies to the divine ms.m

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Wish we had a place like that nearby

Mind you, I'd probably weight 20 lbs more if we did. I LOVE Mexican food!

I like how that guy in the first pic has a "how YOU doin'?" expression on his face. He's probably a hit with the ladies :)

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The beer thing was kinda neat.

That's cool how he's worked his way up to running his own place. goes to show you can do what ever you put your mind too...


Cory & Penelope

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I got the same impression

But, he's married w/ a couple of kids.