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good article steph-i'm

good article steph-i'm calling my mom to make some...but then again greek pickled herring on the other hand is something

delicious as well...ofcourse it's an acquired taste! :)

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Yuck - not the column but the herring

I'm not a fish eater - ever - and the idea of jars of little whole pickled fish makes my flesh crawl.

That said, live and let live, I always say. As long as those crazy Scandinavian types don't want ME to eat any !

Very fun article!!


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LOL! Mean old man for not sharing!!!!

I love your articles Stephaine, very informative yet festive and fun! Very cool:-) And I knew as soon as you said David, it was your David:-) I think it would be a blast to be a taste tester for some of this stuff, but maybe not so much for the herring!


Amy and Sophia

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Thanks for reading them.

This one was a litttle different. I had to arrange the tasting (and had a couple of tastes myself). I am thinking of going to a Mexican&Lebanese  Market for tomorrow next week's column.

Herring is big up here. At this time of year, it's a party regular.