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Allergy Testing

How do I go about getting Fatboy tested for his food allergies? I want to know what specifically to avoid and what this test is called. I usually take him to Dr. Butchko's practice in Riverside, CA. Does anyone know if he would be able to do this there?


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We were going to do the Blood Alergy test but..

Our Vet says its 50/50 when it comes to conclusive results, and that the blood test is more accurate for Environmental alergies (pollen, grass etc) than foods :(

It was like $125-150 for the test -   Let me know how it turns out for you -


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He should be able to do it there...

all they do is take blood and send it off for testing if I remember correctly.  When we tested Oscar years ago, it was right on as far as what would make him itch or throw up.

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We had Rebel tested years

We had Rebel tested years ago. I'm so glad we did. His skin issues were off the charts and we were trying to rule 100s of things out at once. It was a blood test, the only tricky part was that he couldn't have any steroids or antihistamines for a certain period of time before the test. We got the food panel and our regional environmental panel run. They look at Ige reactions in the blood to the substances, high Ige levels in response to a substance means the body produces an "allergic" response.

Rebel's panel was negative for food, but off the charts for almost every environmental outdoor component they tested. With that information, I stopped the food rule out trials. We had been planning to replace our carpet with hardwood and this prompted us to so. We also started using hepa filters in the a/c and we never have an open air house in the spring anymore (granted in Florida the days before the heat becomes too much are limited anyways. It is 82 right now in January). We put him on Claritin during high allergy seasons and pollen alerts (something that is part of the weather forecast down here).

After these changes, he dramatically improved. He needed much less medication and was overall a lot more comfortable. I think it was a well spent $200 for us.

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That's so interesting, because we have done MANY food

trials with Meaty, and so far, NOTHING helps with his chronic interdigital cysts!  I've asked our VERY bully-knowledgeable vet MANY times if he thinks it's

envrionmental and if we should do allergy testing, but he always says he doesn't think the testing is conclusive enough.....I'm so glad Rebel's skin

issues have cleared up with the changes you've made.  It breaks our heart that Meaty has these cysts that look so painful and we're sure

they drive him nuts.  We TREAT them, of course, but wish they'd go away!!!  


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