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Hello everyone!

I was just wondering if anyones bully has ever had an allergy to Christmas trees?? The day we brought ours home Tucker got some big hives on his back, about 5 or 6. When we first put it up, he did his sniff sniff thing but now he's over it and so he's stopped. With the no sniffing the hives are gone!?!

Anyone else encounter this?? They didn't seem to bother him cuz he wasn't trying to itch or anything and it didn't happen last year and we had a tree so it's a bit strange. Just wanted people's thoughts!

Anyway, hope everyone is well and Tucker says hello!


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"

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I had an allergic reaction to a Christmas tree a few years ago..

went into anaphalaxis and had to have the paramedics save my sorry butt.  I believe it was whatever they spray on the trees to preserve them.  Maybe when he sniffed, he got some on him and that caused the hives.  You haven't changed food, detergents, bug sprays, rug shampoos or anything of that nature?  Just keep some benedryl handy.  We have an artificial tree now.

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Same issue here

Oliver had a couple hives this Sunday so he got Benadryl.  He got too close to the tree Saturday and got stuck, so I think that is what did it.  Last night he had a few more, so he will be visiting the vet to be safe.  I think it might be the type of tree, because my husband and I got itchy after getting our arms in the tree.  I guess we will see what the vet say and either try a FraserFir tree next year or get a fake tree.  Rocco has been fine with the tree.  Good luck!


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Thanks for the responses. Tucker hasn't had any hives since that first day. I definitely won't be giving up my real tree yet!


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"