HELP! I just took both of my dogs off of the Benadryl and started the Claritin today... Can anyone give me some advice. We are also in the process of switching to grain free dog food.. I believe in my heart that it is the dog food that is making them itch so much, cause my other dog is still eating puppy food and she does not have a problem (knock wood). I gave them the 24 hour Claritin melt in your mouth tab - much easier then getting the Benadryl down. I am sure I will be going back to the vet this week too!

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The food should help...

just remember that it can take 6 weeks to see a difference so don't give up on it too soon.

Thank you

I feel like I live at the vet, and it gets pricy with 3 dogs at home.

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Yes, it can take a while for the old food to be all the way....

Out of the system. You should see results on the new food in as little as two or three weeks, but generally you won't see the full effect for 6-8 weeks. I would say stick with it and see what happens; don't get anxious to try a new food again until you have gone for that time frame....


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