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Ain't tourists great?

So, I'm standing on my favorite fishing pier, minding my own business, when a really rotund French Canadian guy in a Speedo walks up and says, "My wife passed away last year and I came here to meet another woman but so far, no luck." I said, "Try putting a potato in your bathing suit. He did. A half hour later, he comes back and says, the women were running away from me." I said, "No, put it in the front."

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Hee Hee :)




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Oh Bill!

And I resemble the fact that you are picking on French Canadians! Only some of us are that dumb!

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hee hee.....I didn't realize that was a common joke about

French Canadians.....AND, embarrassed to admit, at first I thought this was a REAL story!!!!!!!!  :-)   Sooo, I'm a dumb



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