Aggressive Female Puppy

I have a 3 month old aggressive female... She growls and nips at my kids (and us adults too) I also have a 9 month old bulldog and a 4 year old bussmastiff, they all play nice together (puppy play) but she gets a little sassy with us some time.... Our friend is a trainer and he tells us that she is just trying to find her way in the pack.... Any suggestions - I've only had Male Bulldogs in the past!!!

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Your trainer friend is right

This isn't aggression at all; she's just trying to be top of the pack if she can - like any girl :)

The growling at this point is probably just play or trying to get your attention. Not really "growling". My girl was always very vocal and it was never an aggression thing.

The nipping is not fun but is, also, part of being a puppy. She she does, you have to give her a firm "no" and shove a toy in her mouth. Eventually, she will understand that biting the toy is Ok, you, not so much.

Try to remember she is just a baby and is feeling her way in life. Punishing her for just being a puppy will not serve any of you well. Be patient and she will eventually start acting like a lady :)

It's good that you have the other, older dogs because they will help in teaching her "manners".

Best of luck with her.

She really does like the be

She really does like the be the head of the pack.... Thanks for your advice... My other Bully is her brother (same dad) and he is the best dog ever... I hope that she will soon act like him!!!

Exercise and teaching basic self control skills

like sit/wait at doors, sit/wait for feeding, no jumping, just basic polite behavior will help with alot of her behavior. Also, when she becomes mouthy, stop play and walk away or give her something more appropriate to chew on.

Good luck


Lynn King CPDT-KA