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Afraid of the dark

Hi guys well you may think this is strange, but my 2yr. old bulldog is afraid of the dark and won't go poop at night. Now that it gets dark at 5:00 I take her out then and she goes but when I take her out at 10:00 she won't go. I have to put her in the crate at night so she won't go on the floor. What shall I do.


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Sophia is afraid of the dark also.

I always either have a bright spot light type of light for my yard, or I take my hand help super strong spot light out and aim it right at the ground in front of her so she can see what is there. I attribute the fear of the dark to rather poor eyesight overall. 


Amy and Sophia

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aww....she is SOOO cute, sorry that she's afraid---

Amy's advice sounds good :)  Also, maybe just a really bright flashlight?  Or could you affix some lights to your house? My hubbs

installed lights on the house that ONLY go on at night with motion----verrry helpful with letting our babies to see... Good Luck :-)

I LOVE her black and white fur---you don't see that very often!!!  :-) 


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