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advice on almost blind bully...

Hi... Since Kibby passed.. I have been looking at getting another bully! I keep looking at other dogs, but keep coming back to the bullys of course...

I have found a rescue that is mostly or will be blind soon.. the foster mom tells me that it will just take a couple of weeks of adjustment and then that I wont really even notice anymore.

Does anyone have any experience with blind bullys?


sincerely, christine

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I have not had one myself, but have heard...

That they do asjust fairly well. Maybe Celine will read this and respond, her Stella was blind...


Amy and Sophia

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My friend has a blind bulldog...

she's adjusted well, she can go up & down stairs, she knows where her food & water bowls are, her bed, etc. She knows 'easy' means she's close to a wall or bumping into something.
She's a barker, the minute she smells food she barks her head off! But she's a real sweetheart. It takes time & patience but she's so worth it - little Klohe Bear is her name. She had a bacterial infection in her eye that was misdiagnosed from a vet down south - so at one time she did have sight.


Cathy & Zimmer