Advertising on Bulldogs World?

I understand that the owners need advertising revenue to maintain the site and earnings, but request that the Bulldog puppies for sale advertising be discontinued.  This would never have been allowed under the previous ownership, just as unverified puppy litter owners are not allowed to post availability of their puppies for sale.   I am requesting that readers join me in asking the owners to stop these ads.  It is probable that these internet ads sell puppy mill puppies.   Here is one that was on the home page today.

Bulldog for Sale NYbulldog.newyorkpuppiesforsale.comHealthy, Playful, Purebred Puppies. From Our Family to Yours. Visit Us!
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I second this

but unfortunately Micki I doubt that will ever happen.  The site is not anything like it what used to be and definitely not for the better or for the Bulldog breed :(.

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I wondering they are paying for the ads?  I have to pay a substantial amount every year to advertise my book and website in the marketplace.


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I agree 100%

very dangerous - it scares me to think about puppy mill dogs especially bulldogs. They are an extra special breed that needs constant attention. People need to research for the perfect bulldog breeder. I had no idea this sight had changed. What are some other good bulldog forum websites?

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I didn't see them - but I 100% agree

"Maybe" they're reputable breeders, but this is a slippery, slippery slope!!!

Please stop these ads.

A suggestion, court the folks at the Jolly Green Giant. So many of us feed green beans to our bullies to lose weight. There's a campaign in there, I know it!

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I manage our dealership

I manage our dealership website and am in the process of building a new site for the rescue group I volunteer for.

I believe, correct me if i'm wrong, they admins of this page are allowing the monetization of this site (the advertising to display) in exchange for having this site post for free.

You can elect to have an "ad free" site if you pay for it - Or, they may be paying for the hosting of this website and are also receiving revenue for the ads displayed from the various's one of the two options.

I don't like the ads and am surprised this hasn't been mentioned before. Often Purina and other sub-par dog foods that we would NEVER feed our bullies is listed as a tag on the pics and video links.

Hello everyone,We've been

Hello everyone,

We've been made aware of the issue and I am investigating it.  When I have something concrete, I will get back to you.

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Thanks for looking into it - it's very important

to the participants of this forum. Product ads are OK, as far as I'm concerned - I realize you have to "pay the bills". But not ads for animals.

Thanks again!!

Hello everyone,Once again,

Hello everyone,

Once again, thank you for bringing this to our attention.  I've been working with our team to have the puppy mill ads removed.  As I have mentioned before, it is/was never our intention to insert ads regarding the selling of pets on BDW. 

The culprit in what you were seeing today was due to our Google ad network which inserts ads based on (among other things) keywords.  We've contacted Google to block out as many of these ads as we can.  In my experience, the occasional one may slip in because they puppy mills are sneaky and design ads that don't catch our filters' attention.  If that's the case, simply report the link to me and I will have it blocked.  Just so we're all on the page:  we do NOT support these puppy mills and we will do everything we can to prevent these ads from showing up on BDW.  


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Thanks again, Yung!

For looking into this so quickly.