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3-year-old injured in NC dog attack

CLINTON, N.C. —A 3-year-old boy was injured after being attacked by a dog Thursday afternoon.

The attack was reported around 3:15 p.m. in Sampson County. The boy had wounds to his face, neck and legs and is recovering at a Fayetteville hospital, WNCN reported.

The boy was staying with his aunt when a dog got out of a locked room and attacked him, Sampson County deputies said. The aunt worked to get the dog, belonging to her friend, off the child, deputies said.

A   pit bull found at the scene with blood on its face was quarantined at the county animal shelter until the investigation is complete.



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Thank God the baby wasn't killed.

I have heard so many of these horrifying stories lately. I just don't know why people insist on keeping Pit Bulls with children. It is never a good match.


Amy and Sophia

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I love all dogs Amy, but pit bulls do this all the time..

there's just no way in hell I would ever own one. And you're right, it's a wonder the child is still alive.




Dave, I have to agree with you

They are not a breed that I would choose to own.

I'm tired of hearing from PitBull lovers that they are like every other dog or their behavior is based strictly on how they were raised. They are no more like every other breed then a German Shephard is like every other breed or a Border Collie or a Bulldog is like every other breed. All breeds have breed specific behaviors. And yes, there are exceptions to the rule. I have met very aggressive Golden Retrievers, Labs that hate water and big goofy Shephards.

The issues with PitBulls is that they are terriers. Terriers have high prey drive, thats what they are bred for. Terrier breeds are willful, determined and very tenacious, combine that with predatory behaviors and that is what makes a JRT a great barn dog. They will hunt and kill till they drop. Ever watch a race with JRT's, they are all muzzled for a reason. Unfortunately, for the PitBull, their size and strength makes them more difficult to control.

Having a PitBull around small children and small pets like cats is just asking for trouble. The unpredictable/busy behaviors and high pitched screaming/yelling/running of small children triggers prey drive. That's why we are taught to not run from a dog. First, humans can never outrun a dog of any size and second, it heightens predatory behavior.

Sad for this child. It was a bad combination and entirely the fault of the "responsible adults".


Lynn King CPDT-KA

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Exactly Lynn. Good post.

I couldn't agree more with what you say. 


Amy and Sophia

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Yes, Yes, Yes

great post Lynne.

There are some bad dogs, temperament is not all man made.