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3 month old puppy stolen (England)

Just thought I'd share this here to help spread the word

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ay poor thingy...

ay poor thingy...

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How sad.

I hope the chip will bring him home that puppy is going to need a vet. I hope they get caught. 




I first saw this Twitter. Charley is the cutest lil girl bullie! I hope the thief returns her safely to her family. I always worry about my babies. I don't ever leave my house without setting the alarm, but even then I worry. I joined a local rescue and they have a sign you can buy to put in your yard, with the rescue's name on it, just saying you support them. I'm even to scared to get one of those! It makes me feel like I'm letting everyone know I have bulldogs in my house. Too many people are stealing them anymore and it's getting close to home sometimes. Recently, there was on taken in Spanaway Wa, which is only about 2 towns away from me and another the next day in Vancouver Wa (which is a ways away) but it sscares me to death!

Some people...


Bean, Chloe, Jackson taking over the bed as always!

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I take Kevin to work in my van

and when Im in someones house I lock it etc