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2nd bulldog advise

Ronnie's now nearly 5 months, and I love him so much I'm dying to buy another! But do I? If i do male or female and pros and cons....? Think he would love a brother.


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In my experience...

boys get along better.  We have three and hardly any skirmishes around here.  Our one female that we had though was not nice to the boys.  I've heard that two girls will sometimes fight.  

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Or younger? Obv this is Ronnie's home, was maybe thinking about rescue or even a few months older, just need to look into it more


Get a boy

Trust me, I have three - and they don't call them bitches for nothing... LOL - 2 boys get a long better... My girl thinks she is the QUEEN! She has no clue that she is third in the pecking order.....

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I have sisters

from the same litter that will be 7 in June. They fight like there's no tomorrow sometimes.


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I would get a male.

You need to neuter both. You have MUCH less possiblity of argumants between them whe they mature. I have a female, she fusses at my other 3 dogs all the time! Silly girl, but I think a boy would be better suited to a male dog family:-)


Amy and Sophia

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too sweet!love it!!!smoochies

too sweet!love it!!!

smoochies the scrunchy face

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I would agree with Amy

I would make it a puppy.