2 nights of success!!

Getting up at 2 in the morning and no accidents!! Yay Lulu!  Just not sure how long I have to do this. Going back to work in 3 weeks. 


You might be surprised what three weeks will bring.  Good for you, Lulu!


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)




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Each day will get better :)


Cathy & Zimmer




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way to go lulu!




Mack 'n' Tillie Mae Mack



attitude is altitude!



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And Now settling in the crate?

that's wonderful.

3 wks will make a big difference. If you have to crate when you go back to work, I would do an ex-pen attached to the crate. I'll post a photo of what I do later. I'm gone 10 hours a day so cannot expect a puppy to hold it that long, though no poops, but I feed raw so far less pooping. I did come home at noon for feeding and potty take out. They should have a lunch feeding until 6 months. I used the baby crib water proof mattress pads under newspaper & blankets and while there were some accidents, easy enough to throw in the washer and it saved the laminate floors.

Moms helping me

My mom will be coming by the first month of school to let her out. Then slowing weaning her through the month of October to be by herself. 

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Good plan

You are doing a great job.


She can be a handful but then she can be so sweet too!