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While I was trying to upload the ear pics - I captured Vern doing what he does EVERY TIME I'm BDW - he wants to smooshes his face to the monitor trying to kiss/lick/slurp the other bulldogs.  Normally I give him a bully stick to distract him...but even that couldn't keep him away.

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he smooshed the keyboard & entered the post b4 I was done LOL!!!

He is just saying he can't

He is just saying he can't find the  key.

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lol So hard to keep the slobber off the screen

mine is filthy right now thanks for the reminder!  Cute!




Katie & Chumlee

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Postus interruptus

Yup, bulldogs are pushy things, aren't they!  Vern, you can push me around any day!

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hahaha, he loves the other bullies

Rocco did the same thing when i ordered his mike vick chew toy...he smashed my keyboard right as i was ready to confirm the order, so he was the one that placed the order...good job Roc


"Rocco has a spastic wiggle...probally why is nickname is Milkshake"


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Lol @ Mike Vic chew

Lol @ Mike Vic chew FUNNY!

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I was so intrigued, I had to

I was so intrigued, I had to look up the Mike Vick chew toy! We really HAVE to have one now!

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Do you think he is posting to the other bullies he sees?!

They may be conspiring against us and this is the only proof we have!! LOL! Too funny!


Amy and Sophia