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Welcome Titan !

Hello everyone !!

I was so happy to find this website ! I love reading all the helpful tips and information that you are all sharing ! What a great way to share the love we all have for our bullies! Let me introduce my 17month old bulldog Titan. He is a joy and we absolutely love him, even when he steals our shoes.

We recently went on vacation to Dominican Republic. Titan stayed home (at our house) with family as sitters. They tell us he was so good all week and appeared to have fun. When we got home, he spent all afternoon and evening, walking around us and by us, his head held high and looking at us from the corner of his eye. Wouldn't give us any attention and would run to his kennel as soon as we would talk to him. The next day, he did the same thing till about noon... then he was back to his old self ! Talk about giving us attitude for leaving him behind... LOL !

Take care,

Titan and family !