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Pix from the directly from computer and BB

I usually post directly from the computer now but the last few times I get a message that pops up very fast that says the selected file is 24.4 kb which would exceed your directory quota you are currently using 200.65 MB of 200 MB. I have no clue what that means.  It could be my computer, I have no clue I'm not a computer person : /


How do you post pictures from your Blackberry?  Sometimes I check the board from my phone and would like to respond or post pix from my phone.  I am able to respond from my phone but can't post a picture.  There isn't a little browse button.


Thank you





Katie & Chumlee

Thanks for letting us know -

That message should only pop up if you have uploaded lots of photos (i.e. over 50 high resolution, or over 200 low resolution) - we will check your account now to see why it is occuring.